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Peter Asanov
19 October
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I was born someday, was sucking on my mothers boob, then I became a bit bigger, went to school. There was my first love, first sex (with younger teacher) and first logarithmic equation. Then I entered the UNIVERSITY. Rock-n-roll and whisky rapidly entered my life. I was fucking around 5 years and loved programming very much, made course works and earned big money. Then I decided to code a bit. And went coding to Softomate. Here there was extremely concentrated rock-n-roll and whisky. So this is just logical extension of high school.
Then happened many other things and one damn fuck brought me here and I opened this page and started writing to cozy LJ (ZheZheShechKa).

So it's something like that. Between this key events i sometimes played guitar and fucked several parts of human body (and unfortunately not only woman's one), including the most sexy and needed thing - BRAIN. Because I love BRAIN a lot. It's the most important part of every human being. :)